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Hey guys,I have a job offer from Mesa and XJT. I would like some input from current Mesa and XJT pilots. My schedule allowed me to interview with only these two.
My biggest factor is the reserve times since I have to commute from the west coast. My buddy is in class at XJT and is not even sure about staying also.
People are joking about Mesa will be able to staff their 175 operation using 'furloughed' xjt pilots. To me, that is very disturbing.
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If you live on the west coast, consider that it will be years before you're able to hold Denver.

That's IF you're able to hold Denver.

I'm a mid 2007 hire and I'd be on reserve in Denver.
Mesa Mesa Mesa

Stay away from XJT with a 10 ft pole. You'll be upgrading to Captain at Mesa by the time you get you'd be getting off reserve as an FO at XJT.

Mesa is a much smaller company with almost no 50 seaters and huge growth coming

XJT is a massive regional with a massive amount of 50 seaters in which a good amount of those contacts expire in the next few years. XJT also had a very senior pilot group plus massive labor issues due to the merger. Stay away from the chaos.

Oh if you have an iPad Mesa is EFB approved. At the world's largest regional iPad EFBs are still going through "testing" and we carry the 30lb bag.

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isn't KOA the junior base at mesa? Thats gotta be a fun commute, even from the west coast.
Right now is 900. 175 classes the next spring. Both the hiring team painted a bright future, but it is better to hear from the pilots.
This thread is a perfect example of the changes we see in commercial aviation, ESPECIALLY in the regional airline industry.
A few years ago, people would say WHY would one want to go to Mesa over XJT......
The best days are behind us.

Far behind us. This place has been a great place to hang your hat, at least to me, for 5 years while the industry was in stagnation.

Now that movement has started again those joining the 121 world would be crazy to join XJT with much better options out there.

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