Woo Hoo!


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Come Dec. 6 I get to fly a Great lakes for an hour ... spinning it around the sky!

I'm heading down to Chandler Air Service to do my spin endorsement for my CFI - which my instructor is going to schedule for Early-mid December.

I'm really looking forward to flying an open cockpit, bi-plane.

I'm smilling like a fool right now.
better wear a hat, scarf and mittens.....what part of the country are you flying it in? im looking forward to some aerobatics too. kick ass.....
HOW AWESOME!!!! I've always wanted to fly in one of those!!!! Acrobatics is where the fun's at!

question though - how safe are they since they're open air cockpits? do you only have a seat belt or do they buckle you into the structure of the plane?
Sean: I fly in AZ

Kristie: Since Chandler does formal Aerobatic training I'd imagine I'll be wearing a parachute, too. There is a loophole in the FARs for practical tests and CFI rides about not having to wear a chute but because CAS does this formally I'd imagine I'll be straped into one as well as under a 5 point harness.
602, yeah, I am getting ready to do my spin training after Vegas. I am going with the owner of the flight school in his Extra! It should be great. I hope do something more than spin too.