Wind Storm Damages Airplanes. . .


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A wind storm whipped through Anchorage last week and caused all sorts of damage. My father-in-law was there a couple days ago and took some pictures. I've put them up on my website. Click the link below and go to the Alaska page!
Ummm - I dindn't see anything other than your normal pics. (yes, I've checked out your site before
This kind of looks like a scam LOL. You are making us go through your entire web page cant you just post the link to the pic?
That's really too bad - I've never seen so many seaplanes assembled in one area, and to see so many looks like there are going to be some pretty busy A&Ps up in that area.

I tried finding something about the storm in the Anchorage Daily News website, but no such luck. My brother-in-law lives in Anchorage and he said the news was reporting stage I hurricane force winds (what's that 90 kts or so?).

Bummer, eh? My in-laws are good friends with the owner of the Helio with the 185 stacked on top. ugh.
I saw something on the Weather Channel (I think on sunday, not totally sure though) about this wind storm. I think the lady said winds of 80+. They had video of some planes, some on top of each other and most turned upside down. I feel bed for those plane owners.
The controllers at Anchorage abandoned the tower after 109mph gusts. The winds were blowing constantly around 70 all night.