Why Be A Pilot?


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Here is a question for the masses.

Why do you want to be a pilot, and what kind of pilot do you want to be.
Here is a question for the masses.

Why do you want to be a pilot, and what kind of pilot do you want to be.

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A) I don't know

B) A living pilot
I like flying, and I cant see myself doing anything else.

If I dont make it, I dont know what else I want to do that is as enjoyable as that.

Here is a question for the masses.

Why do you want to be a pilot, and what kind of pilot do you want to be.

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A) I don't know

B) A living pilot

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Well jeeze.....how could you fly if you were dead? well dead-stick landings but i don't know!
A) For the chicks.

B) One with a lot of girlfriends.


A) Always been interested in aviation - I grew up around the airlines and flying - and I figured I'd better give it a try now (23 at the time I "said" that) and if it doesn't work I can always go back to journalism.

B) A happy pilot. Money is secondary to QOL. Obviously I'd like to be paid well/fairly but the closer I get to actually working as a pilot the more important QOL is becoming to me for some reason.
1) It's the only thing I'm good at, enjoy, and could possibly make money with.

2) I want to fly something that burns Jet-A asap. Beyond that, I'm not picky.
I just fell in love with flying. I have to blame a couple of people who told me that I should take a discovery flight. Once I did that, I was like, whoa, this is so much fun!

After a while, I started thinking, you know, maybe I should talk to those guys about how they do it for a living.

And I don't care what I fly. I'd be happy flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog [poop] out of Hong Kong as long as they pay me.
1) Because I absolutely love flying airplanes. I've yet to find anything that makes me happier.

2) The best. Simple as that.
1. I love to fly.
2. I have been a "cubicle' dweller for too long. (yes, I know the cockpit of an airplane is much smaller).
3. I am paid o.k., but don't wake up every morning saying "Great, I get to go to work today.
4. On the other hand, When I have a flight scheduled, I cannot wait to get to the apt.
5. Because of my age (34) I may not be able to climb the ranks at a major, but I am looking at the corporate/charter...Maybe even a regional carrier.
I have heard all the typical responses:
Don't make a job out of a hobby.
The cockpit is smaller than any cube.
It will become jsut another job. etc....

I believe that is more in the way you view the job. I tend to think those types of repsponses come from those that are unhappy with the job so I really take them at face value and nothing more.

<edit> I don't want to spend the rest of my life working because I have to, I want to enjoy the job I am doing.<edit>
1) Flying is pretty much all I've ever known. According to my grandfather that was a private pilot, my first flight was when I was 8 weeks old. I've been flying ever since. I've been through job after job and nothing feels like home quite like flying.

2) I would really like to find a corporate gig, but I would take anything at this point that paid a decent amount.
Im a pilot for the freedom, its just so awesome to not be "ground bound". Its like being a member of a special club that only some have experienced.
Airline pilot is my dream job, for about 3 reasons:
1.Love of flying

(I know that being an airline pilot demands less respect than used to , but in my eyes i still look at airline first officers and captains with as much respect as i have for doctors or any other respectable career.
I think that I enjoy being a pilot because it's challenging, extremely enjoyable and it keeps me on my toes.

What kind of pilot do I want to be? A safe, but very cool and fun one!!
Here is a question for the masses.

Why do you want to be a pilot, and what kind of pilot do you want to be.

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1.) I love to fly. I've wanted to fly for a living since I can remember, so for better or worse, here I am.

2.) The kind who's done a little of everything. I don't want to get hired by one company and stay with them forever. I want to flight instruct some more, fly night freight, maybe for a regional, maybe corporate, maybe fractional. Above all, I don't want to limit myself. The airlines are NOT my goal. My goal is to stay employed flying, and preferably keep "moving up"- I don't care what type of flying I do, or what type of aircraft. I want to be the pilot who, by the time he retires, has seemingly done almost everything.
That essay written by the kid come to mind. I forget how it goes. "I want to be an airline pilot because it's easy. All you do is push buttons and travle. The flight attendents are pretty and the pilots get all of them. I also want to be an airline pilot because...."

A. Well unless the Lakers draft me I can't really do and thing else good enough to make any money at.

B. I want to work at Flacon Capt's company, or one like it
1. Beats working for a living- find something you love and have fun at and you never work again.

2. Look cool in Shades
1: I love to fly. i love to travel. I hate the idea of the 9-5 job.

2: Anything would be fine but I'd kill to fly for United.
1.) Ive been interested ever since i can remember..what other job has an office at 30'000 with the sun shining in?!

2.) Basically anything that would work...If I could, i'd like commercial or corporate, but anyway to get up i would take
1) Something is calling me to it. I love flying and go through withdraw when I'm not flying. I can't immagine doing anything else.

2) Standby on that one, still undecided, I just know I want to fly.