Which Watch? :)


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OK... just for grins... This subject came up in the "Forum Change" thread this morning.... Thought I'd press the issue a bit more here. Let's see how the pilots respond.

1. What kind of watch is currently on your wrist?

2. If different from above, what kind of watch do you use for flying?

3. What kind of watch do you ultimately want?

I've been thinking about getting a Casio G-Shock solar-powered atomic watch, but I have no idea where they are sold around here.
1) Citizen Skyhawk (stainless steel)
2) Same
3) Same

(it was a gift - I was waiting till my first airline job to actually buy one myself - but if I could make one change I'd get the titanium version.)

But anything with a couple time zones on it would be a great watch.
I'm wearing a Citizen Skyhawk. I've got the titanium version, which is very light. I wear it when I fly. This is probably my dream watch...nicest one I've ever owned for sure.

Oh, I can't remember the name of the one he wants, but is has some kind of locator, he says, so if he got lost at sea or something we could find him lol.
I just posted this in the other thread....

I have stumbled across the best watch a person can get...

It is a Casio Wave Ceptor....It corrects itself to atomic time every night via the tower in CO....The best thing about it is...atomic time is Zulu time....I have zulu on top and standard eastern on bottom....when i change time zones, i just set the watch to -6 for the central...nothing to it

I haven't "calculated" zulu for almost a year now....just glance down at my watch.

It's not really a pilot watch, but it serves the function well...

My nice watch is a Bullock and Jones tank watch....

Dream watch?...probably a Cartier or a Rolex

I think big pilot watches can be cheesy at times...lots of money for little function. Just my opinion
I guess I could answer my own question...

1. LL Bean Field watch
2. Luminox Navy Seal Dive watch. It's great at night!
3. I'd like a watch that is a combo analog/digital for keeping track of UTC. My buddy next to me in the office was just wondering if they make a watch that picks up the atomic clock signals out of Boulder and adjusts the time automatically from time zone to time zone... that would be the bomb!

Oh, I can't remember the name of the one he wants, but is has some kind of locator, he says, so if he got lost at sea or something we could find him lol.

[/ QUOTE ]

He is probably referring to a Breiting Emergency....it has a built in ELT.

He'll never use it.
This isn't the EXACT watch (which I actually can't find on the web site anymore), but it's pretty close. It's a Fossil Titanium watch with a blue face. Mine is more blue all the way around and has a few other minor little things different with it. It's gotta be my absolute dream watch. It fits REALLY well (now that I have it sized correctly, that took a while), it's super light weight and it's just...cool!



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He'll never use it.

[/ QUOTE ] I hope not! Anyway, with him, I don't think it's about whether it will get used or not, it's about having it. Like I said, he's a little on the materialistic side. (in other words, a brat) Lol.
1. Citizen Navihawk (great watch, had it for 7 years)

2. Use the above watch for work

3. Really want a Brietling but can't get myself to shell out the
$3,500.00 for it.
1. your average Casio - it kind of looks like the G-Shock's little brother

2. same

3. Breitling Navitimer (I'd still use the Casio for flying, tho)
Citizen world time. Works great for me because I travel overseas a lot with the airforce. I can keep Cali time on the analog part, zulu time in a small window, and local time in a third window. The E6B comes in usefull sometimes too.

I'd like the Rolex Submariner, but I could find a lot of better stuff to spend $20K on.
Timex indiglo, when it breaks I toss it out and get a new one.

there is someting to be said for a watch that lights up on nigt flights.

That and the guy who broke into our house stole my good watches. (including my grandfathers gold watch)
The watch I presently wear:


In addition to day/date, has 2nd time zone, alarm, stopwatch, and a handy way to figure heading/radial/runway reciprocals around the outside edge of the bezel. Build like a tank. $85 at Wal Mart.

And the watch I presently covet:

1. Timex wind-up style watch that my father handed down to me. I think he got it in the military in 1960's.

2. Timex Indglo "Expidition".

3. Citizens Eco Drive Skyhawk. (only drawback - no backlight)
3. Citizens Eco Drive Skyhawk. (only drawback - no backlight)

[/ QUOTE ]

That's my only complaint about the watch. They figured out how to put nearly all timezones (internationally), a chrograph, a timer, three seperate alarms (settable to any timezone) but they can't figure out how to put a friggin' light on it. The "glowing" hands glow for all of about 5 minnutes then they're out.

There is, however, an "import" version of either teh Navihawk or the Skyhawk with a light on it. I've seen it a few ads in flying and what not.
Right now wearing this Timblerland, had it for 3 years and hasn't caused me any trouble. Good looking watch for bout a 100 bucks.