When should I start bugging the FAA?


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I sent in my medical application in Feb. and all the Mdical paper work the requested was sent in May,20. Im very impatient and sick of waiting to hear the word on my Medical. Will calling them up and bugging them get my application through quicker or should i just save my minutes?
You should definately call them. I had a problem with my medical and called them 1.5 months after I sent in the paperwork to ask about it. I was very nice and simply asked about it's status (no complaining). They said it was in general processing and hadn't even been looked at. I told them that my school was requesting the paperwork and they said that they would immediately move it to the "urgent" pile (I forget the actual name, they might have used expedited). Needless to say I had the paperwork in my hand a little over a week later. I guarantee you they haven't even touched your stuff yet.

By all means, give them a call.
Thanks alot for the advice. I think ill give them a call tomarrow after my lesson. I did send in alot of paper work and alot of it i do need back asap. One question though, did you also get you medical when they sent you back your paper work or did they just make copies and send it back? Thanks a bunch
I had limitations on my medical for night flying and color control signals since I failed the color test given by the FAA Doc. I then had to go have an alternate test performed at one of the local universities to show that I could pass it and have the limitations taken off of my license. They don't actually send you a new medical, but instead send you a letter saying that you have passed any color vision tests that are required and that I no longer have to pass any more when I go to get my medical renewed. When I get my medical renewed, I will no longer have the limitations listed on my cert., but I will need to show the examiner the letter proving that I have satidfieds the requirements.
Man I wish I knew about this "urgent" pile. The doc sent my medical in b/c of asthma and it took 5 months to get it back. The FAA was doing a major computer upgrade at the time. I called but all it got me was the news that it was "processing" for a few months. Then it was lost for about two weeks. Then they needed more documents. That's why I have 20 hours pre-solo (I was ready at 7)...

I sent mine in about the same time on deferrment...supposedly the FAA is taking on the order of three months to get to them. If you're a member of AOPA, they can do the inquiry for you, but it will take another 30 days.

Let me know when you get yours...I'll let you know when I get mine...
The direct line for the Aeromedical yada, yada, yada in OklahomaCity is 405-954-4821. Ibelieve option 5 is the one you choose to check on the status of your medical. Tell them your school is requiring the paperwork, put a little pressure on them. It should get it expedited.

Hope this works out for you
Well i called the FAA today and found out that my medical is in with the staff docs. for review as we speak And i might hear from them as early as the end of the week. I cant wait and thanks for all your help guys.