We lost one last night / Air tanker crash in Reno NV


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Our sister company augered in last night on takeoff out of Stead, NV. Reports are the jet caught fire on takeoff and exploded, severing the left wing. All three onboard were lost. We are a tight knit group in this community, the captain was my counterpart for his company and was a great guy, and he was loved by everyone in the industry. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and their children.


Firefighting plane crashes near Reno airport, killing 3

By Scott Sonner, The Associated Press
Article Launched: 09/01/2008 10:57:06 PM PDT

RENO, Nev. - An air tanker hoping to drop retardant on a wildfire in the Sierra Nevada crashed on takeoff near Reno on Monday, killing all three crew members on board.
The twin-engine P2 V air tanker owned by Neptune Aviation of Missoula, Mont., had been fighting a wildfire earlier in the day that had forced evacuations over the weekend in California's Alpine County near Hope Valley south of Lake Tahoe, Reno fire spokesman Steve Frady said Monday night.


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Re: We lost one last night

Sorry to hear. RIP. Please be careful out there everyone.


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Re: We lost one last night

Sucks, last load of the day too and they would have been done for the evening.


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Air tanker crash in Reno NV

Evidently a Lockheed P2-V went down with a full load of retardant and fuel - no survivors.
Brought it closer to home as a good friend of mine lost his cousin in the crash. Witnesses say they saw parts coming off the airplane before it went down.

There are a few links to it from Google etc.

RIP to all......



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Re: Air tanker crash in Reno NV

Sorry to hear that, but I hear what you're going through.

3 of my best friends were killed in a car wreck this past Sunday, and one being med-evaced to the hospital that ruptured his spleen and crushed his legs.



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Re: Air tanker crash in Reno NV

Very sorry to hear about the loss of a beloved colleague.:(


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So sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to you, and everyone at Neptune too. :(


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Got a buddy who used to fly the -4's and is now on the 215. I always worry I'm gonna be reading about him the the paper sometime. You guys have stones the size of bowling balls and I have a hell of a lot of respect for the job you do.


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I got to know some of the tanker guys pretty well while working in Santa Maria. Greatest bunch of men and women I've ever met. RIP.