Video of forced landing in Australia

Can't ask for more than that!! Well, I guess you, "Could" ask for more.....

Glad these guys didn't have to ride the ambulance today!
I curious as to the circumstances that led to this. I didn't see any emer checklists ran, it seemed like they had enough time to at least try and crank the engine, but I wasn't there so idk.

The result nonetheless was pretty good.
Same thing happened to me in M35. Things I remember the most were:
1. Pick a spot an commit to it;
2. Fly it till it stops.
Nice job by the PF. Also kudos for mentioning to the PNF to grab the cushions as extra protection.
Nothing like giving yourself an engine failure..not sure I agree with this instructors philosophy.

I've done it dozens of times, no big deal.

Some aircraft dont even have engines, yet fly very well.

Wow. That's a GREAT way to get yourself and your student killed. The kid handled it well enough, but there is just no need for that whatsoever.
I understand that a cessna will glide, however, why put the aircraft and student at risk when you can simulate the engine failure?

It's an easily managed risk that builds confidence in the airplane and one's flying abilities. The idea that people find this risky/scary is actually more scary to me than the maneuver itself.

I know at least a half dozen instructors personally who do this regularly and have never had a problem.

On the other hand, I do know an instructor who had to make a precautionary landing with a student because they managed to foul the plugs nicely during an extended low power "simulated engine failure" glide.
I have no problem with MEI's shutting down an engine as a training tool. However, a Cessna, different story.