For Sale UVSC Aviation Books for sale


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I am selling some of my old text books for UVSC. I am currently finishing up the Bachelors of Science, Aviation Administration Degree. I would rather let a JCer have them at a good price than a reseller.

AVSC 3020 Aviation Insurance Risk Management
Book: Introduction to Aviation Insurance and Risk Management, 2nd Edition
Amazon Used Price: $30
My Price: $20 shipped

AVSC 2200 Aviation Marketing
Marketing in the International Aerospace Industry by Wesley E. Spreen
Amazon Used: $95.95
My Price: $70 shipped

AVSC 2160 Aviation Law
Book: Practical Aviation Law
Amazon: $20 used
My Price: $15 shipped

I'm thinking about it...
I'm going to take the insurance/risk class next semester. Is it a good class?