Unwritten Rules of Jumpseat/Non-Rev?

Because you list for the jumpseat a week in advance a lot of the time when booking becomes eligible well before there is a real solid load count.

Maybe our shop is weird, but my understanding is that (here) you can only list for the JS at the gate (we recently got an "intent to list JS" feature, but it doesn't actually mean anything). So I guess my question is more oriented towards a small portion of the JC
Agree with you there, but I really dont even care, If theyve made the effort to come up front that means theyre asking. I know how crazy jumpseating is some time (running from another terminal, begging an agent and getting shoved on as the door is closing) and if they dont get the correct lines in the script just right, I dont really care. You're right though.
I default to stopping by and asking either way.

Some pilots want you to, others don’t, I’d just rather have you wave me off than give me “the chat” like I had non-revving in uniform a few years ago.

That’s just me tho. Maybe. I don’t know.
I’ve read enough of y’all’s posts over the years that I always stop and say hi even though I’m 135 trash and the conversation usually goes about like this most recent one:
CA: “XYZ Air? Where (the hell [implied]) are they based?”
Me: “well the company is just outside Portland but I’m based in Juneau…”
FO: “oh cool, I have a buddy who flew commanders for them!”
CA: “well ya already got a seat in the back so I guess you’re good to go (now gtfo and leave me alone [implied])
I use "Hi! I'm Sasha with SkyWest. They have a seat for me in the back, with your permission." or some minimal variant thereof.
If in the actual I'd have my stuff ready for inspection, and I'd be a little more verbose.
*used to use.:(
I’d stand awkwardly in the doorway until they noticed, unagressively hold out ID while saying “hi I’m zell miller with xxx, do you mind if I catch a ride? There’s a seat in the back.”