tying the knot


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with the loyal following of all the jetcareers.com members Im sure I am not along in wondering when y'all are going to tie the knot. As an airline employee my self, I can only imagine the honeymoon possibilites, Round the world, some rare and exotic island etc... As long as you have the time off to travel of course. My dream wedding would actually be on an airplane. Family of the bride in groom in 1st class everyone else in coach... walk up the isle of the plane... charter the entire aircraft...

back to reality

Once y'all are married you no longer have to ride on a pass right?

I guess delta doesnt have the option we have of listing a "signifigent other" for the same travel perks as a spouce.

Unforutnatly I have never had a relationship that lasted long enough to list a girlfreind as my signifigent other, so ijust put my grandmother down
But hey im a young college student no time to settle down.

How bout a big jetcareers.com wedding complete with pictures for all to see..

Wilchair, there was a weddding at Apple Valley a while ago a friend of mine attended. It basically included every name in aviation in Southern California. You would fly your planes in (they where mostly warbirds, and aerobatics), and after the wedding they basically played with their toys! They would give rides to each other,do some formation, and basically just have plane fun!
Hi Wilcharl,

I'm glad you asked that question.. Doug and I are currently working on our wedding site as we speak and when it's complete, we'll post it on the menu...

however, the tenative plans are for march 2002 - we're thinking either in Phoenix or Lost Wages (Las Vegas).

yes, the honeymoon plans are definately up for grabs depending on season and all, and depending on the arrangement of both of our schedules. that's the really hard part!!

I myself wouldnt want to get married 'on' a plane merely because i know the pilot would be watching instead of flying and doug would rather fly than sit or stand in the back!! haha - i'd most likely be 2 left feet in the air as it is!! haha

well, once we get married, i'll transfer from the companion pass to the spouse pass.. the only difference between the two is that i will no longer have to pay the buddy pass rate - all of my flights (to an extent) will be free and i can just jump on a flight without having to check in or pay upfront.

well, delta does have the option of issuing a 'significant other' pass which is the same thing as a companion pass (which is what i'm using now). they didnt use to have the pass, they issued these passes for domestic partners about 2 years ago... which i think was great on their part!!

the companion pass works similar to a buddy pass, however, you have a card instead of a ticket like pass - and you get unlimited priority S3 priority, 6-S2 priority and i think only 1-S1 priority - but it's much better and easier to use than a regular buddy pass which is an S4 priority only.

The thing i like most about the companion pass vs the buddy pass is that the S2 priority is a higher priority and based on doug's seniority at the time, i can virtually get on a flight without a problem and if i'm in casual business/dressy attire, then i'm a possible candidate for any first class seats that are open.. but that depends on the flight and the availability (doesn't happen to often actually - but i always give it a chance). the S1 priorities are excellent because it's like an emergency priority (you have to get on that flight) and they will get you on it with an S1 priority...

I've probably spoken too much about this subject already - but it gives you an idea about the differnce between the two.

anyways, as soon as doug's ready to post the site, we'll let everyone know! Doug's taken a lot of time in prep and research to make up the site - so i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Thanks for asking!