True or False?


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I was at my local FBO talking to a heli-pilot and he was saying the following: the difference between the two is that heli pilots use more actual piloting skills operating the aircraft while airplane pilots use more planning skills for such things as approch and landings etc...

I also asked him which aircraft he thought were more dangerous to fly and he said he was not sure. i wanted to get you guys opinon on this. Thanks Guys!!
I would say true. Simply because, on average, fixed-wing pilots fly longer distances, and fixed-wing airplanes are much more stable. Helicopters require constant attention, and fly much shorter distances. Therefore, not as much planning, but more piloting skills.

It's not a question of who is better, because they are different animals. Just different job descriptions between the two pilot types.
From my discussions with an AF Col. He says that helo's are somewhat more unsafe than fixed wing. He says the Military heloes are autorotating to land all the time. FWIW.