Training Pt 61 at FSA


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Can anyone tell me if Flight Safety Academy will do a SE Commercial and Initial CFI SE for someone who has the hour requirements completed? They sent me a pro forma invoice which lists a Pt 61 commercial including a formal ground school and time in a Zlin and CRM training. I am looking to hook up with a CFI and fly the Arrow working on the Commercial manuevers and integrate that with the CFI. In other words a one on one training situation similar to an FBO but taught by a CFI of Flight Safety's standards. Not that I don't think the other training is worthwhile but I am limited by time and money. Thanks for any info.
I don't see why they wouldn't. Technically, there are no hour requirements for CFI beyond the Commercial license.

They typically use the FAR 61 courses when the SP has completed some training prior to enrollment.

The way the FSA courses work, the SP first does a Commercial Single (Single Engine Add-on if you have a multi commercial already), then do the CFI. (A lot of people do the single-engine add elsewhere on the field to save money.)