Took my first non flying passenger up today.


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Today I took a buddy up who had never flown before. I think this is one of the best things about being a pilot. Taking someone up who was so nevous they were going to wet them selves, and seeing the grin from ear to ear.
Good landings probly help to.

This is probly a lame topic but I just thought I'd share. It just made me feel really good exposing someone to the magic of flight for the first time.


I flew my first passenger last saturday as a student in the left seat of a multi. It was my dad's girlfriend and she's was nervous as he11. She said she hadn't even driven with me and now she's letting me fly her, of course my dad was in the right seat. She thought it was cool and so did I........

Ha, just kidding man. Yeah, I did that to my friend last April-Fools. It was great because he lives in the the mountains of Ashville, NC and I climbed about 4000 ft over them and shut down my engine and made it look like a emergency and then turned her back on after making up some crap about having to land on in the forest. The sad thing was even though it was the famous April day he believed every word of it...Man those are the times you wish you had a video recorder.
That sounds cool CK.

Im still in highschool and get asked all the time from people asking me to take them for a ride. Now no one can resist taking the hot cheerleader up.
But I mean most of these people dont even know me that well and they are going to trust me to take them up in the air.

i like the people that expect me to take them up for free.
Dead beats.


Heck yeah John Jones. I dont trust the planes I rent well enough to do that. I say why kill a perfectly good engine.

I like taking people up who are cofortable enough to let me do some manuvering. Stalls, 45 or 60 degree bank turns. making their camera float, ect.

Oh, and chicks do dig pilots. Or they just dont know any better.