The secret of Confucious.............WHERE ARE THE CHINESE?


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Anyone? Been hearing for close to 1.5 years that they were coming. If it is true, where are they, sure would like some students one of these days. Thanks.................
In China? Just a wild guess....

(Sorry, I'm a jackass, but you set yourself up for that one).
Last I heard, U.S. Immigration was the holdup. Then again, I think it's all just hype. I'll believe they're coming when I see them walk in the door.
International Airline Training Academy won the bid. How do I know this, someone who works there told me.
If Pan Am lost the bid, then why did they hire an English teacher for the Chinese, and buy some computers for their classroom?
And even if they hired this guy before they won the bid, wouldn't they let him go after they lost it?
As of Friday he was still here.
I don't work for Pan Am, so I can't answer your question. It looks like you will have to ask them. I’m simply telling you what I heard-of course you don’t have to believe me. Just making conversation. Let us know when they show up since you have an English teacher there.
Im not saying I dont believe you, it just doesn't make sense for Pan Am to spend all that money without getting the contract first.
You may be right though. I have been hearing about the Chinese for months, and they are no where to be found. A lot of people around here are begining to think the whole Chinese thing is a scam. I dont see how it could be, you can only string people along for so long before they get wise. Something must be up though, as there are about 16 people in the next stands class.
You guys have to be extremely careful with limited english students.

Believe me, I had about three FAA inspectors across the table from me at the FAA HQ in Oklahoma City explain their expectations and interpretations of the FARs during an investigation.

Be careful, careful, careful.

I know! Believe me!
I did a little digging around at school today and found out some more info on the Chinese. It turns out there is more than one contract to be had. There are something like 15 Chinese airlines, who all need pilots trained, so there are multiple contracts. One school cannot keep up with all the people they need trained.
ok, there are 15 chinese airlines. Why in the world would they send them to Ft Pierce, FL to train. I know its supposedly cheaper in the states, but come on. PLOY
I'm not sure about Chinese pilots, but I imagine they're in the same situation as the South Koreans (Asiana) guys that where training at FSI.
The SARS outbreak in Asia has really hurt airlines in the region, Asiana suspended all new hire training untill further notice.
Yes Turk you are correct. They have 18 airlines and Pan Am could in fact get a contract. That is one thing I neglected to put in there, sorry. But what I did hear was that the contract that IATA received, Pan Am was also trying to win. A contract from the Chinese would help with financially hard times in the GA training world-many schools could benefit. Like Doug said with communication, their English is not good, and that is a reason why they are coming over to learn English, the aviation terminology that we use and to become better pilots.
So if they land this contract will some come to Phoenix? Just curious because I know a language school that puts together specific curriculum. If the Chinese do come and Phoenix Pan Am doesn't have a teacher yet it could be a good contract for this company.
I dont know about Phoenix, but there is a English teacher already on staff in Fort Pierce. I see him all the time, he is a pretty smart guy, with a doctorate degree. He knows all about the Chinese culture, and how they learn, what they find offensive that we may not. Its pretty interesting.

The Turk.
"I'll tell ya what I like about the Chinese people....Their hangin in there with the chopsticks. They've seen the fork ya know."

Sorry, I had to. Jerry Seinfeld cracks me up.
I have information from a reliable source that the first 29 Chinese students will arrive on campus July 1.
In other news...
Mesa has requested from Pan Am, 20 flight instructors to apply for jobs.
I also hear bookings for new students are at about 50 for the months of August, September, and October combined.
Good news...

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