The Mighty Twin Beech (2)


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I posted this earlier and here are some pictures to go along with it.


Louisiana Ops... late afternoon September 2005. Starting to get ready to go to work.


Taxiing out to ops check spray system. Mechanics did some work during the day, just shaking things down to get ready to go that night.


Mississippi Gulf Coast Post Katrina 2005. The gnome told me I had on oil leak. I told him where to stick it. Later I did this to him...



Somewhere on the East Coast of Florida about 2 am during September 2004... The white hose you see under the wing is the chemical transfer hose.


Changing locations in Florida, Sept 2004. Decent picture of my office back then.


Takeoff... Louisiana, September 2005. Heading out a few early to get a good look at the new spray area for the night.


Do I really need a caption here? :D
Great pictures ctab. That's a good looking airplane. Is that a Wag on the hood? If it is, I've never seen a white one.
Very cool photos of a old bird! Poor little gnome tho, perhaps he was a FAA Gnome? :panic: We have some twin beeches up here in Canada, such a neat aircraft!