Summer Flying Videos


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This thread is along the same lines of this one; in addition to taking pictures while flying this past summer and fall, I'd take short video clips with my camera (Canon PowerShot S3 IS) and string them together with Windows Movie Maker.

Also, I discovered how to embed high quality YouTube videos. If a high quality version is available, just add the following code after the video code in the YT tags: &ap=%2526fmt%3D18

Building time (and character) in a Cessna 152, enroute from Providence, RI (PVD) - Orange, MA (ORE). My private and instrument were done mostly in the fall and winter months, and I wasn't used to summertime flying... not only is the ground green instead of brown, but you can't see for 100 miles. 5-6 miles in haze with a few clouds 1,000 feet below you in an airplane with just one COM/NAV radio (and no GPS) will keep you on your toes.

Taken while flying from PVD to Lawrence, MA (LWM). Visibility was excellent this day. The city of Boston can be seen in the first part, next I'm getting bounced around over I-495 after departing LWM, after that is Bedford, MA (BED) from 2,800 feet, and finally following I-95 to stay clear of the Boston Class B airspace.

Solo cross-country from PVD to Hyannis, MA (HYA). I passed by some clouds at 3,000 feet over the Buzzards Bay/Falmouth/Otis ANGB area, while they were higher on the way back.

Flying past a 2049' (1350') tower south of the Wachusett Reservoir enroute from PVD to Fitchburg, MA (FIT), and over a few clouds at 4,500 feet enroute from FIT to Plainville, CT (4B8).

Compilation of clips taken during my 250 nm cross-country. Video shows staying below a broken layer at 2,000' initially, passing Mohegan Sun and the Thames River, finally climbing higher after crossing the Connecticut River, cruising above the clouds at 4,500' and eventually 6,500', passing the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge, a closeup of the GPS, lower visibility and vast farmland over Pennsylvania, the Martins Creek power plant on the Delaware River, passing back over the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge, flying towards a rainbow and through the showers that created it, and once again dodging low clouds over eastern Connecticut.

Another solo cross-country; this time in the Cessna 172R. It's a bit more expensive but I can get used to things like triple-digit airspeeds, dual nav/com radios, GPS, autopilot, etc. This video shows flying over a scattered layer at 6,500 feet enroute to Keene, NH (EEN), picking my way through the clouds while descending, and cruising at 7,500 feet on my way back to PVD. I also included some shots of the KLN 89B GPS, which coupled with the autopilot, made this trip pretty easy.

I needed 5 hours of solo night time (with 10 takeoffs and landings) for the commercial, so I figured I'd make my first solo night flight a cross-country to an unfamiliar airport (Beverly, MA) through the Boston Class B airspace. I departed PVD shortly after sunset, and was vectored only slightly west of Boston. After 7 stop-and-go's at BVY, I returned to PVD. This video shows the instrument panel at night, what was left of the sunset to the west, some rather tall antennas by Needham, the city of Boston from 3,500 feet, jet traffic on final for one of the 4's at BOS, and then downtown Providence from 2,000 feet.

I wrapped up the rest of my solo night time requirement last night by flying from PVD to Poughkeepsie, NY (POU). I'd been wanting to mount the camera to the glare shield for a while, and was finally able to do it with this contraption. Shown here is engine start; departing Runway 34 at PVD from the Taxiway B intersection; Hartford, CT and the HFD airport; Route 3 crossing the Connecticut River; the instrument panel; I-91; and a landing, takeoff, and another landing at POU. My landings were firm, but I was dealing with a gusty 40° crosswind.

Thanks for watching!