Stipid Seminole Questions?


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Since ATP has a mostly all-Seminole fleet, I have a few questions that I know could be answered here:

1) What type of navigational equip. is used by ATP in their Seminoles? (VOR, GPS, DME). Also, what type of heading indicator is used; an RMI or HSI?

2) Is the trim in the Seminole co-located on the yolk, or does it have the wheel-type trims that are used in aircraft such as the C-172?

Thanks in advance
Believe they have VOR, GPS and DME and that they have HSI's. I think the 1979 seminoles have been upgraded to this as well. As for the trim, it's electric so they have the yoke adjustments.
In the new seminoles we have dual Garmin 430's, in the 79/80 models we have a single Garmen 430 GPS. We use the GPS's for our DME. We have HSI's some of which are slaved. The trim is just a trim wheel, not electric. Rudder/elevator trim