Seasonal Fire fighting, skymaster, OR, 135 min


Old School KSUX
OR PILOT WANTED: 1500TT, 100 night, 75 instrument, 500CC, 300ME, 100 last 12 months, 25 hours Cessna Skymaster for seasonal fire fighting base in Lagrande, OR. Fax resume to OR/(541) 963-8199 or email
Yeah it would be fun..... but finding a skymaster to get the 25 in type is a bit of a problem.... still it would be an awesome job for the summer months.
I have .6 in a suck and blow... it's not much, bur really fun to fly! The guy I flew with told me that he always has to start the rear engine first that way he can here it run and everything... I just chuckled..
I can't speak for this company, but I fly air attack out of Arizona and the 25 hrs is for the forest service and only needs to be in any twin Cessna. We fly a range of twin Cessna's and all the forest service wants is 25 hrs of total twin Cessna time.