San Antonio Area FBO's


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San Antonio Area FBO\'s

I am looking at different places in the San Antonio area to work towards my PPL once I graduate next Spring. Of what I found, the only two in the Greater SA area seem to be Wright Flyers Aviation(Out of KSAT) and Stinson Air Center. If anyone has any opinions or feedback on either of these places, I would appreciate it.
Re: San Antonio Area FBO\'s

I'm in the same boat. I flew with Wright Flyers recently and couldn't get over how young all of the instructors were. I bet most of them were early twenties and at least some of them had heavy foreign accents. There was a lot of "dude this" and "dude that." There's nothing wrong with that but I think I want an instructor who is older than me that I can understand. They do have some nice late model 172's.

I'm planning on visiting Stinson this week. I'll keep you posted.