ROLL CALL: Who's Attending NetJC 09?


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I'm in.

Of course, I know I haven't submitted my registration, etc, cause my slacker ass is a bit slow.

So I'll get on that and shizzle.

Moving along.

Who else is coming?

Idea: Change the location data under your avatar.. I dunno why tagging myself as attending seems like a good idea, but it does. Ya'll do it too.
Still no clear answer on when it is.... 18 to 21 October???


The only 'Official' event is the M&G on Monday evening.

Everything else is made up leading up to the dates....

Some people arrive a little earlier, some stay a little later.......
The Wife and I will be there.

When I say the Wife I mean my wife and not the JC wife. Pervs.
I'll be there. I've got vacation for it so this time I shouldn't need to leave early and incur a huge cab fare when I get back home...
Come on man you got to come.

What other homosexual black man do I get along with?

Or even know for that matter?

You said your wife is coming, right? :D

Seriously, the only reason it's not a definite is because of school, which starts on the 24th.

So, I don't know what my schedule will be and if Oct is mid-terms and if so what dates they'll be held on!

A syllabus will greatly help..