Retained kidney stones


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I have a 5mm stones in both of my kidneys, as well as a few very small stones. The small stones were only visible on a CT scan.

I passed a few stones 8-10 years ago (multiple instances) but no issues up until just recently. I only had some minor discomfort, but decided to get it checked into, and that's where they discovered the retained stones. No incapacitating pain in 8-10 years.

My urologist reports that the 5mm stones can be broken up using lithotripsy. The small stones cannot since they can't be seen using an ultrasound.

I'm looking for both a flying Class II medical AND an ATC medical. Will the FAA require that the 5mm stones be treated with lithotripy before they'll sign off on my medicals? I'd prefer not to have lithotripsy unless it is necessary.



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What's been your experience with seeing situations like this clear the medical process? Do you have a feel for which way they'll side or what they may require me to do?

My Flight Surgeon

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They will want a recent evaluation by your doctor and then will probably grant a Special Issuance with the admonition that if you develop any symptoms you must self-ground and report them immediately to the FAA.