R44 Raven 1 Chicago 2021 R44 $260 per hour


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Hello all,

We are looking to possibly do some time building and flight instructing in an R44 Raven I, but there has to be enough interest to make it happen. The rate will be around $260 dry, which at $5 per gallon fuel prices, which places this R44 around $340 wet. Renters insurance is required the cost will be around $175 per month (this could go down depending on the number of renters).

If you want more details contact us.

  • The rate will be $ 260 an hr without fuel included (dry)
  • Flight instructor is extra
  • Flights will be conducted out of 1c5
  • Contact info@learn2flychicago.com


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You should get the auto gas STC. It saves a bunch as long as you can get the ethanol-free gas.