Quick! Help me fast!! (Please)


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Tomorrow is Corbin's bday and I am making a box for his watch and wallet and stuff that he leaves every where. I want to carve an airplane on the top of it with a wood burner. Please, if you know of any picture that would be good for that please post it! I am scrolling through page after page and I am finding real pics, but I need a graphic, so that it can easlily be traced and burned into the wood, so less details the better. I am thinking an older bi plane type maybe would look better then a like 747?? What do you think? If you have a pic I really appriciate it! I hope that all made sense!
What was that? She wants to burn her husband into a bi-plane or maybe a 747???

Just kidding...I'll look for some graphics....
Very funny.

Ok, I found these. Do you like any of them or should I keep looking? Picture dark stained wood box...
Um, I think he flies an arrow??? Would that sound right if he were instrument rated?? Well what ever he is flying right now isn't permanent cause he will keep switching til he's at Delta
I know whatever he is flying he calls a death trap. :O
I don't know!! I know he likes the GV but good heck I am an amatuer LOL! Just tell me which you like of those ones caus I only have 2 hours till he's home! Yikes!
I like the 1st one...

Don't bother looking for an arrow, he'll get the idea and that 1st plane is just about as classic as they come. A J-3 Piper Cub.

Good gift idea too....I'm always looking for my keys/wallet/stun gun etc.
OK, well not as good as I would have liked, but not bad for my first try. Now if only someone could tell me how to get the wood stain off of my fingernails??? And should it be sealed with some kind of sealing stuff or clear coat or something?? Should have paid attention in wood shop.

I gotta say....A W E S O M E!

Very nice!! And you finished it quick!! He'll love it!

You should sell those on EBAY!!!!!!!!
Well thanks that's very nice. I probably need to go shower cause I smell like burnt wood. LOL. I hope he likes it. He's sick of me moving all his stuff and I am sick of him piling it all on the dresser or bookshelf in a very un-feng shui like manner. SO we both win.
And then I have airplane cookies to frost and gifts to wrap! AHHH! I need an assistant!
that is awesome.. you go girl
I think you could use the wood wax polish as a sealant on the plane.. and maybe some turpentine or nail paint remover for the hands?? (don't even ask about that one
I'm 100% serious. That would be awesome if you could make me one.
Of course I would make it worth your time ($$$).
How about airplane #3 on your previous post, the Beechcraft Stagerwing? If it is too much trouble, don't worry about it.
Not too much trouble at all. What color stain would you like? That one was called Old Americana, I also have a Golden Oak, White Wash, and Maple. Or if there is something specific other then that, you can go to Wal Mart and tell me the color. We'll be gone the rest of the weekend but I bet I could have it done with in a week. BTW-the size of it is about 8 x 6 x 3, does that sound ok? It fits Corbin's watch, phone, wallet, keys, ring, and change just fine to give you an idea.
Totally cool that you want one! I am seriously blushing!
wow!!! i'm impressed!!! I have to say that that's better than the slot car holder I did for my dad - I used a wood etcher too, but didn't have a graphic of a slot car - which i guess would have helped in my case! but then again... i was young too.. haha

anyways - use turpentine for you rhands and as far as i know, you don't have to seal the wood since it's already been varnished... unless you want it to look glossy which i know most guys don't like...