questions for people doing erau online degree


Old Skool
1. Who do you guys use as a proctor? will the local college do it if you don't even attend their school? or will erau let you use the local library or something?

2. Since I don't have the 500 hours of dual given, when I get the hours do I just mail copies of my most recent logbook pages to them and then get the 31 credit hours? Or did I need those hours before they awarded me credit for prior college.

3. how difficult is it to change proctors? say in case of a move.

thanks everybody
1.) ERAU DL center at Wright-Patterson AFB.

2.) You don't need 500 hrs. of dual given. You need to have 12 cr. hrs. or more at an accredited college. You need to have paid work experience in an aviation-related job. You need to have non-traditional student status (whatever that is...apparently I have it). Also, its not automatically 31 cr. hrs. of credit just for having a few hours. You need the ratings (pretty much all of them), AND hours. And that doesnt even garuntee you'll get a minimum of 18, and a max. of 36.

3.) Not sure, but probably pretty easy.
thanks eatsleepfly,
but as for #2 I am already in the program (I have all the ratings, non traditional crap) but I was wondering if you need the 500 DG right away or can get them while taking classes. They say they will award 18-36 but by the looks of the credit sheet they gave me I don't think they give out less than 30 credits for a b.s.