Push to Remove the Cargo Carveout

The rest rules were updated to protect the flying public, not the pilots...

In a couple hours I'm taking off. The jet is going to weigh 967000# with 340000# pounds of fuel. We'll land by flying over places where people live 9 hours later at 750000#.

In January I'll have less rest than I would flying our passenger jets. After the sun or the weather goes down, how will the public know if I'm as rested as I SHOULD be.

But, yes, I agree your sentiment is what people think of.
Just install showers in that Whale of yours, and you can just live on it!

Actually someone once told me that when Polar was getting their 744F's spec'd out the DO or some other management guru asked Boeing to give them estimates for installing showers in the upper deck so that they could save hotel costs by having the crews live on the plane, Russian Antonov style. It was supposedly prohibitively expensive. Don't know if that's true or just a fun company legend.
For the average airline out there, all the rest rules have done is made sure we spend more days out on the road in hotels.