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Is this for real??????? Did you not see the same thread that was created already!!! Why create the same freaking thing!!!!!!!


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Oh Hells Yes! Looks like I'll be sending in an app to back up my PUBNAT6. I also have about 5 coworkers who have been asking me everyday when they can apply. Their time too, has come.

turd jay

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geez i wonder how many of these pubnat's one has to apply to get the job???? you'd think one app is enough, especially if you have taken the test. But, i am unfamiliar with the whole process of how they select you for employment.


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If you have a PEPC invite from pubnat2, should i be applying pubnat7?what is everyone else doing?
Apply for all annoucements that you qualify for. My buddy that just finished the application process and received his marching orders to OKC
for school said he applied to no less than 4 postings at once.

Good luck.


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I was in the process of applying...and then I got a page that said "this case is no longer valid..." NO!! Any clue what that's about?


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For some reason, I just gave it 5 or so minutes, and am no longer getting that message...

I just think it knows you're afraid. ;)
Afraid?? That doesn't even come CLOSE to what I'm feeling right now. I've got a little bit of this: :confused: and some of this: :( and this too: :panic: