PSA Recall....Round Two


No Real Usefulness
Just got my letter via FedEx. May 11th class!

Just spoke with Rachel, she said that they are recalling 8 more.
Mesaba wouldn't necessarily be a waste. I'd rather be working for Mesaba than PSA (assuming the same seniority in both places), no offense but I think DL is more long for this world than Airways.

But congrats on the recalls guys, hopefully more next month until you're all back!
Airways hasn't been long for the world for 20years. after the next world war 3 things will still be here. cockroaches, mesa, and airways
You're probably right. I can see it:

Roach 1: Hey, Bob. I can't believe we still fly US Airways!!!
Roach 2: But I have so many dividend miles!!!
Yeah just how is it after 20+ years of negativity, USAir just keeps on swimming?! :laff: Although USAirways is technically no longer USAirways since 2006.
Good news... I feel so bad for RH. It amazes me the number of people who call asking, "So why didnt I get my letter?" I dunno, to me its about a process and let things happen. If you are going to get a call let it happen. Calling just would annoy me. People who bypassed get an attempt again, so she has to talk to them yet again. Wait and see what happens. Glad to have those of you guys who know for certain back! Very shocked it seems like none of that Jan 7th class will bypass though.