Praire Air Service


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I was flipping through Flight Training Mag and saw getting your Instrument in a twin (get both Multi instrument and MEL tickets) for 5300 bucks. It is some little tiny Mom and Pop place 15 miles out of Wichita KS. The instruction is with a 22,000 hour instructor, and they say you get 35 dual and 20 sim. Anybody hear about these farmers? It is called Praire Air Service (he he). Does that price sound really low for those ratings and time? The plane is a Geronimo Apache twin.

This might help some of you guys know what this thread is about.
Any info would be great because I'm thinking of doing all my flight training overthere on multiengine but I dont know anything about this place except whats on that website.

BTW, this is my first post.
I know this thread is old, but I felt it would be good to mention something about this place. I trained there back in 2002. I went there with my PVT and INST and left with my Commecial Single and Multi and my CFI/CFII/MEI ratings all in 8 weeks at a total cost of about 12K...including housing! They are very concerned about getting your training done quick and cheaply. There was alot of self study involved but I must say these guys were top notch. The twin is a well equipped Geronimo Apache that has a custom instrument panel. The aircraft itself probably has more time on it than god, but the MEI is also the owner and A&P. That plane is his baby and he keeps it in the best condition for an 15,000+ hour hull. To cite an example on how they saved me some money, they began my CFI training right away...skipped commercial all together. Then when I met commercial standards I took my checkride from the right seat. I then took my CFI test two days later. Must have saved me about 1K. If anyone else wants more info. on this place email me.

Also did training here in 2004. Went in with my Private and earned my multi-VFR, Multi-IFR, and Multi-Commercial. Mom and pop type school but with a very organized program. Did some of my training on an FTD but since I left they have upgraded to an Elite igate(?). So anyway if anyone has any questions feel free to post them.

I am thinking of going down to prairie air service and convert my canadian commercial (230 hrs TT) to U.S and do the CMEL apache initial (8 hrs)+ ME-I.R apache (25 hrs )+ CSEL C-150 add on....i think since, I have a multi eng rating on my canadian license...they were giving me a little better ...approx quote of $8500...depending on performance.

It seems like a good place to get the initial ratings done fast and for reasonable rates...the per hr charge for the multi has been raised to $180.00 but still is cheaper than other places( apache mind you). The instructor/owner sounded very knowledgeable in converting foriegn licences and experienced since he has been doing this for a long time, so I hope i will be getting quality training.

i have never flown the canadian multi rating was on an Aztec....any thoughts of doing your training on an apache vs seminole....or should i be willing to spend some more money and do the ratings on the i plan to instruct after ...and most likely at a school with seminoles.

Also does anyone know of any other places in the U.S with similar rates as PAS....I don't want to compromise quality training in the search for cheaper schools....but we all know it's expensive to do this ...and i don't want to take loans if i don't have to.

Any thoughts would help.