Please Help Me Vero Residents!


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Ok, well we all know what happened when I asked about Sanford, hopefully it will go better this time. Since we wil be moving out there, I need to know before I get there what and where to get my services taken care of. I will only have about 2 days w/o Caleb in order to get everything started, signed, and ready so please help me with an thing you can and feel free to add anything I have forgotten.

Who is your: (Or one you know of and trust)

Bank (do they have online banking, fees?)
Health Insurance (not group policy)
TV (Satellite, cable...)
Internet Service (High speed?)
Home Phone

Do you know if you get good T Mobile coverage out there?
Anything else I am forgetting? Thank you!!
Washington Mutual was pretty good in the area..

Had Direct TV- Not bad

Sprint PCS is big in the area....Coverage gets a little spotty on the other side of the river.

Health Insurance? What's that????
I lived in Sebastian but the services were for the most part the same, not sure about the cable though.

Cable-Charter Communications
Bank-First National Bank (real good people especially at Sebastian branch)
Electric-FPL (Florida Power & Light out of Ft. Pierce)

I hope this helps. You'll love it down there, I miss it like crazy!!!
I am guessing that the utilites will be set by the residence, not a "shop around" type thing on that one.

If anyone is married and living in a 2 or 3 bedroom apt I'd love some estimates on what your typical phone/utilities, etc cost, so I can make sure I am being realistic with my budget.
When I was in an apartment (720/month for 2/2 1000sq ft) I was paying about $120/month for power, but had an old inefficient unit, leaky doors/windows, and kept it ICE COLD. That was in town on vero's utility. Live outside the city and you'll be on fp&l (I'm on that now) it's a little cheaper (not by much).

Riverside bank is a good local bank...stay far away from BofA. I use USAA, but you probably aren't eligible (military).

I use DirectTV rather than cable (it's better AND cheaper!). I use BellSouth DSL and wrap it all up in one phone bill. AT&T for mobile phone, service is okay.

Who is your: (Or one you know of and trust)

Bank (do they have online banking, fees?)
<font color="blue"> I use Indian River Credit Union. No online banking, but they have an automated telephone service for transfers and such. They have/had a pretty decent rate on their savings account (where I keep the Key Loan $$$). No Fees other than when I forget to transfer $$$ into the checking account to cover payments to my credit card. Then they take money out of my savings to cover it and charge me $5.00. I don't really use the ATM card much, but there are always fees involved there.</font>

Health Insurance (not group policy)
<font color="blue"> Health what? Try </font>

TV (Satellite, cable...)
<font color="blue"> DirecTV ($40/mo. for basic+ with local channels)</font>

Internet Service (High speed?)
<font color="blue"> Not available in my area, but the phone company offers it.</font>

Home Phone
<font color="blue">BellSouth (about $25/mo. for local, I use my cell phone for L.D.)</font>

Do you know if you get good T Mobile coverage out there?
<font color="blue">I don't know about that, I use AT&amp;T.</font>

Anything else I am forgetting? Thank you!!

<font color="blue">Gas, electric, water, garbage &amp; sewer all come on one bill from the city. I live in a 2 bed, 2 bath duplex and the largest bill that I've gotten so far is $147, but $120 is about average. You can call them at (772) 978-5125.</font>
Oh thank you!!! I really hope we are somewhere that I can get High speed internet, of I might get cranky! LOL. I am so glad that the city bills are that low, my utility bill for my house avgs. $200!
My utilities are usually $130-$150 a month for a 2 BR and that includes electric, water, sewer, and garbage. Phone runs about $17/month for local (Bell South). We don't have long distance we use our cell phones for that since they give it free. No high speed internet where I live....dial up. Wachovia (First Union) is what I use and have no problems. They have free online banking as well. Also it is what FSI uses so you can make payments from your account to theirs and have them appear instantly instead of waiting for checks to clear etc...AT&amp;T for the cell phone. Reception is pretty good but can get spotty inside of places. In order to withstand category II hurricanes all the houses/apartments down here are made of concrete blocks....tends to block reception a bit. Sprint is horrible for cell phone service where I am.

Vero Beach Utilities can be hooked up in a matter of minutes at the office downtown (4-5 minutes from school) and that building is right near the BellSouth building. Wachovia's are scattered throughout town.

For TV directTV is the best deal. You can go to circuit city or best buy and get a 3 room setup and installation for free. You have to lay out about $100 but you get a mail-in rebate form that takes about three weeks, and you have to sign up for a year.
I am looking into goin to flight safety some time next year, like jan/feb

i have a campus visit scheduled, hopefully all goes well, and i should be starting next year

can't freakin wait
First Union used to have free checking for FSA people. I don't know if that survived the Wachovia merger though.

I don't think that there are any choices for phone and cable service.

Not to butt-in Bubba, but I have USAA banking and I'll give it an A++.

- Free checking, where balance grows interest
- They pay you back that silly fee for using ANY bank's ATM (Up to 10 per month, even overseas)
- Free online banking and web bill pay
- No sales pitch calls

One of the FEW good things I got out of the service. Can anyone else's bank beat that?
Re: USAA Bank

Hey, thanks for the info, that sounds really good. Online banking is a must for me.