piper arrow preflight questions


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Hi everyone,
just had a couple of preflight questions for the piper arrow.

how to drain the pitot static system?

how can you check the stall warning system?

how to check ELT is armed?

why the heater/defroster need to be off?

thanks in advance.
Pitot-static drain: two small buttons on lower pilot's side wall.
Stall warning horn: turn on master, lift up tab.

Have you read a late 60's piper POH?

Gotcha. No! In fact I have flown only one airplane that was more than 10 years older than me. On Cessna's, yes, I've been all the way into the 50's but not on average and I try to make that a rule. If I find a Cub or a old Champ, I may change that rule... :cwm27:

My exposure on Pipers has been limited to PA28-201RT's, PA28-180R, PA28-200R (I believe) and the regular Ching Poooh Pfaaa Warriors, Archers and Saratogas. Oh, and a Malibu once. And the Seneca I. And then there was this old Commanche. Once, maybe twice found on the right seat of a Six. But they always had POH's I could read. And people involved with them, able to answer questions. I'd recommend to do a S/N search at the FAA website, that would at least give some idea what plane we are talking about?

Sorry for always assuming such questions to be answerable by a book or by someone who knows the specific plane (like owner, CFI, Mechanic).
It's this attitude I have. Sorry.
thanks for the replies everyone, I'm flying a 68 arrow.....and like mojo6911 the POH doesnt have a lot of info....
I just dug up the 1969 POH that covers 35001-35392. I just skimmed through, but found no mention of the pitot static system at all, nothing about the stall warning system, nothing about the ELT, but it did mention the heater.

Also, the engine/propeller is 3 paragraphs long. The part describing the prop is 2 sentences.

The propeller used is a Hartzell HC-C2YK-1/7666A-2. It is a constant speed controllable pitch unit with the control located on teh control quandrant between the throttle and mixture controls.

Not exactly a mind blowind description.
We have an old 200 here and the POH spends more time welcoming you to the piper family then it does telling you anything, not to mention the plane has like 3 STC's so you need the maintenence log to find out about half of the components. As for the avionics I have one word "INOP"
I just dug up the 1969 POH that covers 35001-35392.

I bought that Owner's Handbook last week. I'm going to start flying a PA-28R-200 a little here and there to maintain proficiency with the CSEL maneuvers while I'm away from my training base for a few weeks. I fly a Beechcraft Sierra now, but have been told they're similar.

I made a speed card and downloaded this free checklist from Dauntless.

This 1969 Piper will also by my first introduction to a glass cockpit, believe that or not.:panic: