Pinnacle in 2015

Will Pinnacle still be here in 2015

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Honestly, after reading the term sheet, if this sticks (which I know it won't make it through court intact...probably), those 12 "yes" votes up top might want to re-think it. If management wanted to drive a steel spike between them and the pilot group....well, get out the banner. Mission Accomplished. It's bad when it would be the same price for me to just not have health care rather than pay premiums and still have to send out $1500 a year JUST ON MYSELF. Pretty sure under the new Affordable Care act, that plan is just on THIS side of legal.

What would be the options for bringing a civil suit against PT, primarily for defrauding share holders in regards to financial standing of the company?

He, nor I work there, but I do have some outstanding shares, which I. Clearly would have dumped had he provide factual fiscal statements?

Honestly, a legal smack down needs to happen to management these days, or the Cut-Bleed-Run will continue to harm the industry/country/economy etc.

We're I a judge, I'd be more than happy to find any reason possible to empty his bank accounts, and give it to the employees he screwed.