I think I'd worry more about them hiring ANY instructor rather than what they would pay.

From what I have heard, most places pay rates are pretty comparable...
are you saying you dont know what they pay...
i just need some type of quote so i can compare a couple of places.ive heard it is around twenty an hour.
Sorry, but no, I don't know what they pay, I was just curious if they were even hiring right now.

From what I can tell, it seems like free lance instructors make the most money per hour, but the problem there is getting enough students to really make it worth while…

Good luck!
Well considering that Riddle just furloughed most of the part time instructors for the summer I believe the pay would be $0. Right now Riddle is ownly losing about 1 instructor per month so the chances of getting hired aren't very good. I think the starting pay is around $15 per hour but don't know for sure.
From what I have gathered:

*Starting pay about 14 dollers per hour

*first to be hired every fall are usually fasttrack program studetns

*No chance of job until fall

--These are also the reasons I am trying to get into fasttrack;)