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Beating up the pattern in a Piper.
Greetings friends!

Had a friend send me an email he got from a guy in India - Flight training at the above mentioned FBO in Vero Beach, Fl.

PPL, IFR CPL, MEL and 273 hrs - for USD 33K.

Anyone have any info about this FBO? Any reviews, or is it just overcrowded, like most other!




Beating up the pattern in a Piper.

I highly doubt it too.

Here is what the guy said in his email
Course : CPL +Me-IFR
Fees : US$ 33,200

Course details:

PPL ---- 50hours Dual + 10hours Solo/PIC
Instrument ---- 20hours Dual + 60hours Solo/PIC + 20hours Simulator
CPL ---- 15hours Dual + 83hours Solo/PIC
Multi Engine ---- 15hours Dual

Total Hours ------ 273

I think its closer to 53K.

More over i wanted to know, how good the facilities are ?



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I have only been in the lobby, seems like a decent place. Planes from a distance look fine as well.


Beating up the pattern in a Piper.
Well.. it turns out the FBO is not PAris Air. It is some other FBO - but the price tag (33K), the ratings and the hours remain the same. sent the guy an email asking him more details - but no replies so far.