Pan Am Diaspora?


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Is there a mass exodus of students over there? I've noticed an increasing number of students coming over here to FSI.....

I hear the latest management outrage is when a student has no $$$ in his account but would be able to fly otherwise, are charged no show fees until $$$ gets put into the account. OUCH! True? Heard it straight from an recently departed student.

Im not sure about that, Ive been waiting for money in my account for a little bit. All I did was tell my instructor not to schedule me. I suppose if they schedule you and you dont show up they will no show you. So bottom line, just communicate.
Chunk, broadening your vocabulary?
Websters college dictionary: Diaspora =The scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity.

A little much dont you think? I thought all the Pan Am bashing had stopped.

The Turk.
Unless you're (a) a FSI student (b) a RIGHT wing - FAAAAR right - Republican, or (c) chunk - prepare to be bashed by chunk. It's all he's good for.
And here I thought I was the only one that thought that all Chunk was good for was ripping on anyone EXCEPT FSI.
If you guys knew him a little better or paid attention, he will freely point out when anything is "fishy"....including things with FSI.
Re: Pan Am Diaspora? *DELETED*

My contention being that if someone has NO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE of a school other than hearsay - then they should keep their BS opinion to themselves.
Whatever happened to "If you can't say something nice......". I do not prefer Pan Am, but leave 'em alone. I believe in informing others to beware, but bashing and gossiping....Whew.
Actually, I thought the Pan Am forum was quiet because the Pan Am admin had issued a blanket gag order NOT to post anything about Pan Am or they would lose their job or get kicked out of the academy....LMAO!!! Or, nobody had anything good to say about Pan Am so they weren't saying anything at all!!!! Just kidding guys...I couldn't resist.
All the above sound fine and dandy however this forum isn't here for that purpose.

That creates more work for me having to determine if a specific post was created with a legitimate question or a political motive.

So perhaps some Pan Am students have been forbidden from posting on the forum which means that even having the forum is pointless.

Do I erase the forum because it's not being properly used?

Do I leave it up and continue to allow folks that have no particular experiences with the school take pot shots?

What happens when a person that lives in Phoenix has a legitimate question about Pan Am?

Let's play "You're the webmaster".

How did politics get involved with this? To my knowledge, I've never attacked you personally, so why don't you knock it off?!? I asked a valid question. That's all I'm good for? I guess I haven't been giving advice on this board for years?

Oh, and which part of my question is BS? Feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.


Not bashing at all...just verifying what I've observed (a lot of former PAIFA students at my school) and what I've been told by more than one of said students.

Oh, and "diaspora" is a historical term that can and has been used as a metaphor in modern literature. You are absolutely correct on it's origin, but that's not the only proper use of the word.


Is you opinion based on your three weeks of being registered? The whole three weeks? Why don't you go search my previous posts and get perspective on me. I'm a nice guy! I only dislike schools that lie, cheat, and steal from their students. Do I 'bash' these schools? If that's how you want to characterize my exposing their true nature, then c'est la vie.




I have no personal experience with the management of Pan Am other than what my friends and coworkers who studied/instructed there tell me. I have noticed a large number of guys on our campus who have fact, I've seen guys in PAIFA uniform touring our campus. This is not speculation, rumor, or gossip, but things I have seen firsthand. The future of PAIFA (they're just down the road and we share a practice area) is something that I and others wonder about for no other reason than curiosity. The same curiosity that people guess at the future of airlines that they have no real stake in other than as a potential future employer. No ulterior motives, just a simple question. I do not hide the fact that I don't like their business practices. That could be my pockets being emptied. Sorry for the hubbub.


Edited****added later. Go look at what rausda asked in "New Pipers". He made an observation and asked a question based on it. It questioned PAIFA's financial status. Did anyone jump on him for bashing? NO! As well they shouldn't have. In fact, Turk even complimented the thread for not being a bashing thread. Double standard, anyone?
Hello Chunk,

Had to make some reply. Im not here to bash, I observe. I observe the constant hatred that comes out of your mouth when it comes to panam. You are entitiled to your opinion, I respect that, but when you constantly bad mouth all facilites except fsi, I think that stinks.

As for being registered the WHOLE 3 WEEKS, shows how much you really know, Ive been observing this site for longer than you have been registered. Just because I haven't posted as much as you, means nothing. Believe me I have read all, or most that you have posted. So no need to research and get my perspective.

I know you are not a bad guy, I'm not saying that, but please, don't claim to know anything about Pan Am. Just because you visit this website, or talk to "ALL" of these people at your school that are former students. If you want to know about Pan Am, why don't you talk to me, a happy student, or better yet come visit here to see how "horrible" it is here.

I wish you all the luck in your training and all the best..........
Why do you put quotes around 'horrible' or 'ALL'...I've never said those things. Please don't put words in my mouth. I don't hate PAIFA. I simply asked a question based on personal observations. Again, I ask how my question is any different than rausda's questions of the new aircraft still at the factory. Is it because I'm chunk and it's okay to personally attack me because I'm outspoken?

Just leave the threads open to anyone and eventually the truth will sift out, as I believe it has. I think comments from people who don't go to the school are taking with a grain of salt anyway. For example, people certainly didn't pay homage to Chunk after this post. I do think it is best not to continually knock a school unless you've been there though.
Nah, I didn't mean "political" as in Washington-style politics, but more like I have to question the ulterior motives of a specific post.

I dunno, I usually try to stay out of the flight school forums as a participant except when there is clear deception or a laughable ad that needs to be discussed.

You guys, however, have first hand information and any stats I have is largely from observation.
Chunk: Your post was BS because anyone can see that you only posted it to try to pick a fight. Admit it.

YOu could care less about Pan Am or it's policies. YOu were looking to start a flame war or, at the very least, boast ONCE AGAIN about how great YOUR school is.

For the record, chunk - we're ALL very happy that you are pleased with your training! It's clear you did your resarch. What makes you think that other people are incapable of doing the same and coming up with a different conclusion than yours? Why don't you let others enjoy their decisions and their training without your self-appointed BS Flag waiving?

About the only other school I've seen you give props to was MTSU and, yet again, that was based on YOUR OPINION on meeting ONE student. Brilliant. Really.

(as for my afront on your political views - my bad. Not necessary for this thread).

(as for you being helpful on these threads - I will agree that you USED to be quite helpful and somewhat entertaining.)

don't mean to take sides, but i would have asked the same question if i were in chunk's position. i went to Panam, and i know of a lot of people who would go over to FSI and check it out...and yes, many went in Panam uniform. if i was at Panam and saw a bunch of FSI uniformed pilots taking tours or whatever i would want to understand why that was. not to mention i can't remember one FSI student who defected to Panam except for CFI positions while i was there. if all of a sudden a bunch of FSI, or whatever other school's students switched to Panm other than to bve a CFI while i was there i'd be on here asking what was going on over at the other school.
Ok, everyone stand in a circle because we're going to (once again) sing "Koom-by-yah" ok?




Aww, just kidding!
... many went in Panam uniform. if i was at Panam and saw a bunch of FSI uniformed pilots taking tours or whatever i would want to understand why that was.

[/ QUOTE ]

Holy Crap.. Don't tell me you guys wear uniforms at a ** FLIGHT SCHOOL !!

Please tell me it ain't so!!