Opinion: Phoenix East Aviation?

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I have just returned last week from a tour of Florida, 5 schools. This brings my total number schools toured to 7. Right now I am between Flight Safety and Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach, FL. What are peoples opinions of Phoenix East? PPL - CFII is around 23K which is making it very attractive! Just wondering if anyone has heard good or bad about Phoenix East. The fact it is half the price of Flight Safety is just so tempting.
Dude...you've seen FSI and Pheonix East and still can ask this question with a straight face?

Come on!

I'm not sure about the price tag at FSI, but I know it's high. As far as Phoenix East goes, some of my friends got a rating or tried to get a rating there. They complained about scheduling problems and lots of foreign students. They said they weren't able to fly every day if they wanted to. One friend tried to get a refund and was unable to get their money back. I can also remember about a month ago when I tried to call ground and was unable to get a response because there was a ground stop due to one of their AC coming in that had declared an emergency.

I really haven't heard too many bad things about FSI. I do remember coming into Vero on 11L for a touch and go and the pilot in the plane with FSI colors (I saw him from WAY too close) on 11R decided to take a left after takeoff instead of the right the controller had instructed. I think he was working with little english skills. I know they have a newer and nicer fleet and their reputation in the industry is outstanding.

If you want more info on Phoenix East send me a PM and I'll try to get you in touch with my friends who flew there.