OK a little scared now.



So I got out of my plane after a long cross country to see a guy wearing a uniform with four bars on it, strolling out of the pilots lounge. He continues on to the biggest, most rickety, piece of [censored] I have ever seen in my life. I wouldn't fly my worst enemy on that thing. On the side in generic looking sticky letters are the words "Ameri flight". I am thinking "is this the coveted light at the end of this tunnel?!" This isn't looking good guys.
This guy also told me that the company highly discourages its pilots getting second jobs. Meanwhile what the hell are we supposed to do about money. Go on welfare?

OK just a little worried. Don't the airlines use credit checks as one of their criteria for hiring pilots?
Whats funny is the fact that you don't even realize that is probably who you will be flying for. Considering the CONNECTIONS that Pan Am has, hahaha. The hightime instructors that have left there were hired at Ameriflight. And you still probably think you really are going to an Airline when you are done there. Plan on being the head honcho at the controls of the aircraft you explained, are you scared now?
dude, don't even let anyone get to you. just do your thing the best you can and let the results speak for themselves. people are always gonna be bitching an moaning about Panam because of some things they've READ about things gone wrong in the past for some few individuals. keep posting updates on your training, be it good or bad, and let those people who could use the help deciding on schools see how you're doing. [censored], i'm not going here to prove anything to anyone but myself. i could care less what some people have to say about my decision to go here, its not going to stop me from doing well here. i saw you getting into it with some of the disgruntled ex-students, don't let um bug you. they're actual very good guys to talk to if you can get past the bickering about Panam. just try not to add wood to the fire, you don't need to justify to anyone why you came here, except to maybe let future pilots in on your thought process when deciding on a school. any-hoo, glad to see you posting, keep it up.
The same place you are currently atteding. Not tryin to be a jerk just shedding some light on the inevitable, I am in the same boat as you. Just don't get hyped up on what they tell ya, you can forsee your own future by looking at the industry.
Yah Dak, I know. I gotta a little carried away. Anyway, I definately think that the industry will decide where we work and not so much the school we go to. If airnet and ameriflight are the only companies hiring right now then that is where we will work. But lots of sources seem to indicate that the next five years or so are going to be really promising.
I don't know about the rest of you, but i don't really care what in the world i am flying, as long as i am flying.
I think a few people on here have gotten carried away, and forgot about exactly what we all have in common
the love for something that is almost better then, well you know.
Ok well maybe that is taking it a little too far, but you get my point.

Hire me!!!! Hire me!!!Hire me!!!!
I will fly anything!!!
yeah, i'll be happy flying just about anything but i do have my limits. i won't risk my life or my ticket at some chop shop of a freight company or something like that. i don't care how old the plane is as long as the maintenance is good, and i don't want to sell myself out just to fly at any chance i get. as soon as you start to settle below your personal standards you start to degrade your professionalism. i want to be a professional pilot and i do expect to be treated like one. i would bend over backwards for a good employer, and i'm not affraid to risk being jobless if it means protecting my safety, the safety of those i am reponsible for, and preserving my credability as a pro. pilot. thats just the way i see things, and i would hope its that attitude good companies look for in their pilots. i don't want any pilot of a flight i may be on worrying more about corporate pressure, than worrying about the status of his/her aircraft, Wx, etc...if you make your decisions based on those pressures then you'll be failing that company, as well as yourself. maybe they'll be pissed, but you'll potentially have saved lives and money by being professional enough to say 'no'.
You'd be suprised that a lot of passenger airlines (large and small) have a lot in common with the "chop shop of a freight company".

Personally, I have a lot more faith in mechanics that I can jump over to the hangar and talk to than a large bureaucratic computer-controlled maintenance department.
ok im new to this board, but as for the pilot climbing into the rickety P.O.S
before running out of precious flight time money at CMSU and getting discouraged untill i dropped out(no flying made me angry) one to the planes they took me up in looked alot like a crop duster..ie ripped seats, badley faded paint... was also the strongest running plane i flew.. guess runnin good makes up for looking good