NY gets ADIZ and mickey gets new airspace restritions

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Code orange means "ADIZ creep" for New York and Washington, D.C.
New airspace restrictions protect nation's capital, New York, and Mickey's homes

Update: Mar. 18 — Shortly after President Bush told the nation that war with Iraq is most likely, the Homeland Security Department raised the terrorist threat level to orange, or "high risk." And with that, the FAA and Transportation Security Administration have imposed new airspace restrictions over the New York City and Washington, D.C., areas, along with Disneyland and Disney World. Notams implementing the restrictions became effective today at 3 p.m.

"While AOPA and general aviation pilots are more than willing to do what's necessary to protect the nation from credible security threats, we're very concerned about 'ADIZ creep' and the operational problems they bring," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "An ADIZ can severely disrupt general aviation operations, affecting the businesses and transportation needs of thousands of people. Let's make sure the security threat is real and significant before once again shackling the lives and livelihoods of American citizens."

New York gets an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) within the Mode C veil (30-nm radius of Kennedy, Newark, and La Guardia airports), requiring pilots to file flight plans and "squawk and talk."
Yeah, I was up flying today a couple of times at Republic (KFRG-20 miles east of JFK) and people were asking the controllers, "Hey, do I need a squawk code yet?" and the answer was.."We're just waiting on a fax from Washington."

But they seemed to think that it would start this evening, definetley by tomorrow morning.....Great, just when the weather was getting good around here we get slapped with this!
yeah the best part will be dealing with NY app. they are ALWAYS **koff koff* so helpful with the VFR guys..
Join the fun, we (in D.C.) have been putting up with this ADIZ for over a month now. Just had the restrictions relaxed a bit a couple of weeks ago to the point where we did not have to file the flight plan, just pick up a squawk. Now we are back to filing the flight plan with FSS prior to departure or arrival into the ADIZ. One word of caution, they have had dozens of intercepts here of pilots who violated the ADIZ (almost all innocently or ignorantly) and had to have a conversation on the ground with some friendly folks in big Black Helicopters. You can bet their names got put on some black list in the TSA records. Be very, very careful!

It's so screwed up even the folks at ATC don't know what they're supposed to do. I flew today and the guy at Potomac approach said, I think I'm supposed to hand you over to Quantico, but I don't know. He hands me off to Quantico, and then I told them I was going to go and land at an airport, and the guy at Quantico didn't know if I needed to remain on my squawk or squawk 1200.

The same thing happened on the way back in.

And it's going to get even more fun. Now if you are flying out of the DC 3 you get the joy and pleasure of a TSA proctological exam before you take off. Then if you dare to land somewhere, you get the joy of flying to a gateway airport for the same proctological exam before you can get home.

I used to be neutral on George W. Bush. Now I despise him.-
The Disneyland/World TFR is sort of bizarre; there must have been intel on a specific threat against one or the other or both. That, or the Disney people made a huge contribution to the GOP.

What are the restrictions for New York these days? I was looking to do some flying the next time I came home.