NJC 2019 Dates

Weekend preference?

  • October 17-20 (Week 42/43)

    Votes: 12 80.0%
  • October 24-27 (Week 43/44)

    Votes: 3 20.0%

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Mama Bear....
Staff member
As you know, we always plan to hold Network JC on WEEK 43....

Week 43 falls on Halloween weekend and the rates are slightly high (I gasped :oops::fury:).

We currently have October 24-27th booked at the Cosmopolitan in LV. Same plan as last year...Network in the suite during the afternoons, dinner/fun after dark.

We are considering moving to the weekend before (Week 42), especially if the rates are going to be obnoxious.

For those thinking of coming out...what say you? Halloween weekend or the weekend before? What rates are you finding and where? Decent priced or overpriced?
The poll will close in 7 days. Thanks! :)


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Looks like I’m in the minority wanting the later week. The 18th is our anniversary but we will still be there, PBS permitting, since I have one of the most understanding spouses!


Evil Landlord Capitalist
17th-20th wouldn't work for me. I'll be at an industry conference until the 19th. That's the earliest I can get to Vegas. I would love the 24-27, though. I'd stay a few extra days and see Vegas at Halloween, which I always enjoy.


Evil Landlord Capitalist
And FYI, I'm not seeing rates that are all that unusual on the 2nd option. Hell, Luxor is offering to comp me on two of those nights.


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I’ve been drafted into a trade show the week of the 24th so I’m out.

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99.9% sure both the wife and I can make it the 17-20. The next weekend is a no for the wife and a maybe for me.


Mama Bear....
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@Kristie, you might want to check with Derg, because you have plans for the Oct 25-27 in a different state. :)
As of right now, I don't show any other plans on our calendar except for an adoption event that I would be missing....What else is going on @Derg? Chairman's Club is in November this year.