las vegas

  1. Kristie

    Reservations for NJC 2022 eats & fun.

    I’m working on making us some reservations for food and fun. As of right now, this is the list of attendees. Derg + wifey (me) Avalon781ML + wifey Eagle421flyer + wifey Mattc206 Whatusername Tommay85 Is there anyone else planning on attending that I need to account for as I make our...
  2. Kristie

    POLL: If you can make NJC, which weekend will you be there?

    There's been a lot of consternation in the past week with the dates of NJC and in order to make NJC work on a viable financial scale, we need participation count. I believe we have always scheduled on Week 43 of the year, which would be Halloween weekend this year (27-30). So we originally...
  3. Kristie

    NJC 2019 Dates

    As you know, we always plan to hold Network JC on WEEK 43.... Week 43 falls on Halloween weekend and the rates are slightly high (I gasped :oops::fury:). We currently have October 24-27th booked at the Cosmopolitan in LV. Same plan as last year...Network in the suite during the afternoons...
  4. Kristie

    Beerhaus...4pm...Friday...VEGAS! Get ready to AVIATE!

    It's time...for us to NetworkJC, once again! We'll be meeting up starting at Beerhaus at 4pm on Friday HAPPY HOUR (which goes from 2-6pm)! The rest of the weekend is "go with the flow". There's essentially no set schedule, no official gatherings...we just meet up, get our steps in, bar crawl...
  5. Kristie

    GroupMe App

    I created a GroupMe group called NJC2016....if you don't have GroupMe, it's an app that works on all smartphones. Anyone should be able to join the group. :) Get on there so we can start chatting about activities, goals etc. Still no "set" plans for this come expecting go with the...