annual event

  1. Kristie

    Movie of the 3D wood printed sign sent and unboxed during NJC

    Just a little something I put together this afternoon. :D If anyone needs video/slideshow movies done for special occasions, graduations or whatever else, I'm open to negotiation. :bounce: James, this is an amazing piece of work. You are incredibly talented! Thank you so much for this...
  2. Kristie

    NJC 2019 Dates

    As you know, we always plan to hold Network JC on WEEK 43.... Week 43 falls on Halloween weekend and the rates are slightly high (I gasped :oops::fury:). We currently have October 24-27th booked at the Cosmopolitan in LV. Same plan as last year...Network in the suite during the afternoons...
  3. Kristie

    Beerhaus...4pm...Friday...VEGAS! Get ready to AVIATE!

    It's time...for us to NetworkJC, once again! We'll be meeting up starting at Beerhaus at 4pm on Friday HAPPY HOUR (which goes from 2-6pm)! The rest of the weekend is "go with the flow". There's essentially no set schedule, no official gatherings...we just meet up, get our steps in, bar crawl...