New Assignment...A-10 and MikeD no more.....


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Having been assigned here in Tucson for about 3 years now, I'm eligible for reassignment. The news came down today.

So following 3.5 years as a pilot of the mighty A-10 Warthog, I bid the aging girl farewell as I depart for a new base and a new airplane.

I was advised today that I've been selected as Pilot, F-117A Nighthawk Stealth, with the 49th Fighter Wing, 49th Ops Group, Holloman AFB, Alamagordo, New Mexico. Report date TBD, but will be following my return from my overseas deployment to Iraq, which I depart to in mid-November and to which I will have my last hurrah in the A-10 Warthog.


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Go Ahead man-F'ing A! Man, thats a sweet looking plane. Even better is you get otm ove to New Mexico. I love it out there man...Keep up updated on training and the job...


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Outstanding Mike!
Good luck. Both in Iraq and with the 117.

Talk about the epitome of contrast.
Big canopy/tiny windows
Big gun/ gun
Day/night (no pun intended)

The sad part though, you probably won't be able to tell us cool stories for another 20 years.

Best wishes.
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Yo Mike. I spent 3 years at Holloman AFB as a dependant. My dad was an Intel officer for one of the squadrons. SO, youre gonna be a STEALTH DRIVER!!! Rock on! Our neighbor was a 117 pilot. Prior Hog Driver as well. He liked the stealth, but missed the hands on flying in the HOG. At any rate, Night Precision Bombing is an awesome role. Have fun!


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Hey MikeD, just think of all the extra cool stuff you can do in an airplane with a low/nonexistant radar signature...ahh all the posibilities....


WOW - very impressive Mike!!

Are some of the RAF boys still flying them with you guys? Seeing an F-117 doing Valley would be impressive!!!

Best of luck in Iraq!!


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That is absolutely extraordinary!

Did you ever in your wildest dreams think you would be flying the F-117?

Best of luck!


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Congrats man!! Keep us wannabe clowns in mind every now and again, and drop a post when you can...........


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Congrats, Mike!

Is there a promotion associated with this as well? You've got the silver railroad tracks now, right? Will they be getting replaced with gold ones?

And are you going to miss the A-10?