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Has anyone heard anything out there about the FAA grounding some of labcorps Navajos?

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Cracked spars.
The FAA did a teardown on some 20,000 hour plus Navajos over the past two years and did find tiny (<.020") cracks around SOME bolt holes in the main spars. However at the time they were not pushing for AD status. Several operators way up north have worked out approved fixes for the cracks via DERs. It's interesting that this stuff is making its way down south and it will be interesting to see if the FAA down there starts pushing for an AD.


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There was also at least one that had cracks on the bulkheads near the tail and at least one that had the elevator horn bend 90 degrees relative to the rest of the elevator while in flight.

As far as flying for them, there are occasional openings, and they do get posted online, but usually it's word of mouth from knowing one of their pilots and getting your resume with a phone call in before HR ever gets the listing done. Their HR is notoriously slow.