Multi flight school???


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There was a post a while back about a school in Arizona. This school was owned by an airline pilot and offered all multi training.

Does anyone know the name or have the link?

Contact Accelerated Flight Crew Training at (480)785-2032...they fly out of Stellar Airpark in Chandler Arizona. I did all my training there and they were fantastic!

Jet dream
Hi Jet Dream,

I've been looking for a place to multi-training. I have commercial and recent CFI and wanted to get a commercial multi w/ instrument priviledges and maybe a MEI. Do you think this place is a good prospect for doing that?

Hey, Jet Dream, I am thinking of attending this school, in fact, I am driving out there Saturday. Can you tell me more about your experience there, did you instruct, if so, how long?
Thanks for the info!
Hi there Kdrake and JCampbell...Yep..I think it would be good school to go too. I got all my ratings rather quickly...they teach you individually so if you have problems with a certain manuever, you are not pushed through because of a syllibus time line. Which I on one teaching. You have to be self motivated, but they will help you with all the tools! I can't say anything bad about it. They have quite a few airplanes as well...which have a few mechanics on call...makes it easy! The owner helps out with some seminars when you are ready to interview...he'll take time with you to get you ready which with all his experience is just fantastic! Good luck with all your flying....
Jet dream
I called this place and left a messages, and sent two e-mails requesting info within the last month. No response. Are they still around???
I also called the school yesterday and liked what i heard as well. i would like to hear more about the school from current or past students. thanks.
I called them this morning and liked what I heard. Sounds like good maintenance and damn - $110 and hour wet for a Geronimo w/ instructor. Can't beat that! I think I'm going to search some other forums and see if I can find more testimonials.
Hello everyone,

I've been thinking of attending this school as well. I've finished my Private at my FBO and begun my instrument. I've spoken with Stew (747 Capt. for JAL and owner) as well as cheif instructor Monica (CRJ 1st officer w/ Mesa). I've spoken with 3 past students and heard only positive remarks. The rates are cheap but their CFI's get paid squat (that's why the rates are so low). The bonus for CFI's is you do all most all your instructing in multi's so you'll come away with alot of multi time.

They are a part 61 school so you're on your own for paying for it. I've had to swallow my pride and ask my parents to take out a loan that I'll pay back.

If your a college grad, self-motivated type Accelerated seems like a good choice.

Past students and current instructors hang out at

good luck!
What happened after you finished your ratings? Did Accelerated help you with a job? I visited there Sat and it is a small, but very clean place. Very positive people. I am interested in what happens after you finish!
Thanks . .
Hi there....well I flew as an instructor out there for awhile and built alot of multi-time. I heard they are moving their offices across the field some time before the end of the year, which would be great! They help out with getting jobs by getting you ready for the interviews and such...also know of some people that got hired with Mesa through their connections. But others went to other regionals as well. Like I said, they care about their's not just a pilot factory. I fly corporate now.....and love it. Their training made the transition a piece of cake!

You are right about the pay as a CFI...but you are getting $110. worth of twin time for the pay is not bad in all. I couldn't find any FBO that had their planes as busy!

When I went through...I had to borrow cash as well...I know they take Visa/MC now....which is another option!

Well...wish you all the best with your careers.

Felix...I would definitely give them a call back (480)785-2032....did you email through the website? It is unusual that they do not respond in a couple of days or sooner!
Where do you borrow cash from??! Relatives or something.
Does Sallie Mae only give loans for part 141 schools? If so, does this school plan on applying (or whatever you have to do) for part 141 status? I had my mind set on going to this place, but now it looks like I won't be able to (no relatives with an extra $20,000 to spare). Does anyone know of anywhere you can get a loan for a part 61 school?

I was in the same situation as you. Sallie/Nellie May and the other lending institutions will only lend if you attend an approved 141 school. It's really hard to find funding for a part 61 school.

The only way you'll be able to get a loan is if you can find a relative with a collateral (a house) who will borrow the money in their name with the understanding you will make the payments. They can take out a line of credit or a second morgage on their home.

It doesn't sound like Accellerated has any plans of becoming a part 141. As a part 61 school they have a lot more flexibility to do what they want to do. It would also probably cost a bunch of money to become 141 which in turn would up their rates.

Do you know anyone who owns a house and would be willing to help you out? Even if you borrowed for a part 141 school if you don't have much credit (i.e. you don't own a house, make over 50K a year, have a 20K limit on your platnium card,etc.) you'll need someone with good credit to cosign for you.

Good luck
Hi again. Well to answer the question on the flying time...I logged 100 hours plus per month on instruction time. I know that all the aviation industry has slowed down some what after that disaster...but things are steadily picking up again...which is fantastic! If you not only get the students that accelerated gives you, but bring in your own as can have tons of time! good time!

take care

The other option for Felix...if you have a charge card...charge it..and get a part time job in AZ while you do your flying. It is done alot! that way you can keep try to keep ahead of the payments. Or the other idea about a loan is good too!

The 141 idea would be good for loans...but the added cost would not be good. And the required class hours..which ups the cost as well. I don't know what there plans are though... I just know they run it well now.
Sallie/Nelli May will loan money for flight training at a Part 61 school if it is on their list of approved schools. They look at the school and check it out fully. The loan company would not want you going to some fly-by-night, flight school, that will not be there the next day, once the school has your money. Call the loan source before visiting the school to see if they are on the list.