MTSU product.


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I'm in ground school with a MTSU "product" and I can tell you guys have a good thing going at your school. He's a sharp guy and I'm sure he's a good pilot (though I haven't flown with him.)

How long have you guys had your flight program and do you have a website?

Hey Chunk, never attended MTSU's flight program, but am from Nashville TN., Murfreesboro is about 30 miles away. Anyway, I do know MTSU has had a aviaiton program for a long time. Just kept under the radar. Which I think is good.
MTSU product in the making...(is that good? not sure yet....)


I'm actually an MTSU student and in the aero department, and it's pretty good as far as aerospace departments go (take that as you want to...). I'm a flight scheduling and dispatch major myself. It's not a bad program - kind of pricey if you're out of state, but that's really anyplace you go. I transferred after 2 years at a community college in North Carolina. You can check out the website above and see the different programs offered.

One thing about MTSU is that they've just gotten the authorization to purchase a new fleet...some 25 new aircraft I believe (albeit alot of Katanas). Three Piper Arrows for complex training, and a couple of Seminoles. Guess how they're going to finance them?? That's right...increased flight fees!!! There are also some issues with the way the flight school schedules the flight slots...almost like trying to get a military flight slot! OK, it's not that bad, but I was better off going to a local FBO for my training and staying away from the pro-pilot emphasis.

If anyone has any questions, let me know...I may be able to answer them!!