Medical Exam for ATCS


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i'm currently enrolled in the Daniel Webster College AT-CTI program and i just want to check up on making sure i wont get denied.

1) Both of my parents have high-blood pressure but it is controlled on medicine. is that a good for when it goes into special review?

2) i have a blood disorder that called Factor V Leiden, does that ruin my chances or am i ok.

thanks for the help

As long as you are not on medication for blood pressure, you should be OK.

The Factor V deficiency is not DQ unless you start having clots. I hope you are taking an aspirin every day.
Exercise, watch your weight, don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages and caffeine only sparingly. That will help keep your pressure down.
yes, but having a glass or two of wine each night is just as good if not better than the aspirin. my father is a doctor and he has quoted multiple studies that say it definitely does thin the blood and help prevent clots. some people can develop bad stomach bleeding from low dose aspirin regimens.