Map of Las Vegas Strip


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For those trying to book a hotel room, or just unfamiliar with the layout of the Las Vegas strip.

Note: The only rooms cheaper than the Sahara that I was able to find were at Circus Circus. They beat Sahara by $5 or so. The downside? There is no monorail, etc from Circus Circus, and it's a mile walk to the Sahara. You'd have to take cabs, which can run up the costs of the trip quickly.

The Stratosphere is also known for super-cheap rooms, and is only a half-mile walk from the Sahara. That's a 10 minute terminal stroll for most of us. The "Strat" is selling rooms for $39 a night on Travelocity.

Right now it looks like the $29/night rate on Travelocity is hard to beat.

ALSO- I'm looking for a roommate. If anybody's interested, post here or PM please.



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Sahara rooms were going for $40 on the website Sun-Thurs. There is alsso a thread of someone looking for rooms, also Max mention not being able to make it this year so maybe you can take his spot with the roommates he had.


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FYI the cheap rooms at Circus Circus are the Motel rooms at the back of the complex. I almost booked there and was warned against it by a friend and some of the reviews on TripAdvisor.