making progress?


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Could you let us all know where you are currently in the program (flight time, ground school completed, writtens taken, checkrides taken, etc?)

Haven't you been at it for about 6 months?

I am in a similar situation to where you were six months ago(got a wife, got a ppl w/160 hrs... and FSI is currently at the top of my consideration list).

I'm just trying to get a feel for how long it would realistically take to do CIME and then CFI, CFII, MEI.

Do you find having your spouse with you has helped or hindered your progress?

Thanks for your input!

Well, let's see.

I am about 2-2.5 weeks from finishing the entire CIME program. I was hoping to start CFI before the end of the year, but will probably wait until after Christmas. I have completed all the "extra" programs, the GAT trainer, upset recovery, CRM. All groundschools are also complete.

Having my wife here was absolutely essential for me. (Note: Your results may vary, some assembly required, batteries not included). Besides providing the primary source of income, it's great to come home and talk to someone who's not a pilot. Plus, she supports me no matter what. She's great!

For timing purposes, I started in early June, but took my time through Step 2 (cross-country time building) for a lot of reasons. Some of the dudes that started with me are getting ready to start CFI at the end of this month, if that gives you an accurate yardstick. Also, there are some that are still behind me, so I'm trucking along at an average pace (which is fast but certainly manageable.)

I'm happy here, it's all that I expected. I feel like I am definately getting my money's worth. I'm treated like a customer and that makes a big difference. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't change much.

I hope to stay here and instruct. You never see anyone leave here empty-handed. You leave here when you get hired out. That's reassuring.

Hope this is what you were asking for....


Yes, that was what I was looking for. Thanks!

Does anybody know if FSI has "married housing"?

The literature they sent indicates that bungalows can be for married couples, but most of the posts I've read on this board seem to indicate those of us with spouses usually decide to live somewhere else. Is living in FSI housing just not a good idea if you are married? Or is it just that none is available?

Thanks again.

Actually you can try but get a Dorm with ONE ROOM only. Unless you like your room mate to listen in from his bedroom to yours and hear everything your doing.

go to there website. They have pictures of there Dorm rooms
I think a reason a lot of married couples get off-campus is the atmosphere. I know my wife wouldn't want to be stuck in a bungalow while I was out training all the time. An apartment/ house has a different "feel"

Mark are the dorms and other on campus housing have the "college dorm" atmosphere, or is it different? Not that it's bad, heck I'm single....
I don't know of any couples on campus. I don't think it would be conducive to marital bliss, frankly. Off campus housing is plentiful and cheap. I hope to buy a house if I get hired.

If you call marketing, they have a list of apartment complexes in the area. Also check and stuff like that. If you want the rundown, drop me a line.

Florida Apt. Club - most expensive (1000/month ballpark)

Canterbury Place - cheap, lotsa FSI dudes (650/month) 800 sq ft

Pines - STAY AWAY! I live here and get ZERO support from the management. Absolutely no maintenance is done. My neighbor had to have an attorney threaten action in order to get her heat fixed last winter. ~700/month 1000sq ft

Fairways - 900/month nice, similar to florida apt club

Houses for sale are EVERYWHERE! 3/2 fixer upper starts at 80-90K.

Hope this helps.

If you know you will be here for a year I would suggest looking into renting a house.
For $850/month I got a place with a large fenced backyard (2 dogs were no problem) in ground pool, patio, screned in porch, Car port, lawn and pool service provided. Nice neighborhood, 8 mins. from FSI.
Good deals are out there you just have to look.
I live in Canterbury and pay $610 a month for 2BR/1Bath with washer/dryer and dishwasher....there are some bigger apartments that go for a little bit more but the difference is neglible. A lot of it is devoted to the washer and dryer as well since those units have side by machines while mine has the two in one vertical ones....although they are quite large.
So how much is a unit without a washer/dryer? I was looking at Canterbury when I visited FSI but the office was closed.
They all have them....the only difference is whether they are side by side or upright. It's very convenient! You can sweat through pilot shirts and white T-shirts VERY quickly when it's warm down here