Loss of NWA jets could devastate Mesaba


Does It Really Matter....?
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Here is the first couple of paragraphs. click link for the rest:

Northwest Airlines appears on the verge of delivering a devastating blow to Minneapolis-based Mesaba Airlines that could result in the loss of 40 percent of Mesaba's revenue and jobs.

Mesaba revealed Tuesday that Northwest might terminate its contract with Mesaba to fly 36 Avro RJ-85 jets, which are used on regional Northwest routes.

That sucks! I hate to see the Avro disappear. It sounds like the NWA owned Pinnicle CRJ's are taking the routes. I heard that Mesaba is not renewing their leases on the Saab 340's when they come due.? Wonder if that will change now?
Yikes! Why get rid of the Avro, its a great little jet. I suppose its a bit slower than the CRJ and perhaps it burns more fuel, so economically it might make sense. Still, SCHEESUS when will this industry turn around???!!!
I think that NWA has a better deal with Pinnacle and their jets. It's just NWA trying to save another buck. They have gotten so tight with the cash that they are suing the NWA Federal Credit Union for use of their name, even though the NWA FCU name is trademarked. NWA is also in the process of removing the NWA FCU atm's from the terminals becuase the bank would not pay the increased rental prices for the space that the machines occupy. see article:
No they are not the same, unless Mesa is buying Mesaba too.
Still, SCHEESUS when will this industry turn around???!!!

[/ QUOTE ]Not until the economy does, which won't happen until we have a new president.
Ever since we've been hiring, we have given prefernence to NWA and Mesaba furloughs.....