Livin' the Dream


Ahh! This is how I change this!
I believe it's a charter company based out of CAK that flies Dornier 328Jets.


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As much as I didn't want to like was pretty funny. I like the grills and the "I've only had 12 beer" sticker on the center console.


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Eh, this just seems like the kind of thing that pilots shout NOT want floating around on the interweb.....

Actually, I could see it coming up in someone's interview, "So, ahem, Tha Dizzle, tell me why we should hire you to fly at xxx airlines?"


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The whole engine-start-dancing-on-the-tarmac routine was hilarious

Agree that it may be something that pilots should not want out there, but how is it any different than a spoof on any other profession. I thought it was hilarious.

The engine-start with the line guy and the pilot had me rolling!


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A guy who has been on this forum for a long time may know those guys. I actually found it sort of amusing. I may have to try taping a Do Not Disturb sign on the back side of the door for the FA to find.

But... for all the crap some of the 135 guys give 121 guys about professionalism and what not... Eh. YMMV no matter what you fly.